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Laura Peribáñez Artero: Capítulo ii - Zarabanda

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Two artists meet 15 years later with a common purpose: the need to create.

Pol Jiménez and Laura Peribáñez find in the music of the unknown, native of Barcelona, Huguet i Tagell, the trigger for a creative outburst: “Capítulo ii”.

Idea: Pol Jiménez y Laura Peribañez

Coreografía: Pol Jiménez

Intérpretes: Martí Corbera, Pol Jiménez

Violonchelista: Laura Peribañez

Composición musical: Rogel•li Huguet i Tagell

Vídeo: Anthony Kmeid

Vestuario: Martí Corbera

Espacio: Urbine Barcelona

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