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The 26 Scholars we are supporting in 2016-17. We awarded 19 new scholarships and extended our support to seven Scholars from last year. We greatly look forward to watching these marvelous musicians pursuing their artistic objectives and earning the recognition they deserve.

SCHOLARS 2016-17

Iosif Purits.jpg

Iosif Purits

(Russia) - Accordion

Otis Beasley.jpg

Otis Beasley

(UK) - Piano


Zhenwei Shi

(China) - Viola

Alix Lagasse.jpg

Alix Lagasse

(Belgium) - Violin

Lasma Taimina.jpg

Lasma Taimina

(Latvia) - Violin

Harriet Eyley.jpg

Harriet Eyley

(UK) - Soprano

Martins Smaukstelis.jpg

Martins Smaukstelis

(Latvia) - Tenor

William White.jpg

William White

(UK) - Clarinet

Antonina Suhanova.jpg

Antonina Suhanova

(Latvia) - Piano

Naoka Aoki.jpg

Naoka Aoki

(Japan) - Violin

Alexandra Lomeiko.jpg

Alexandra Lomeiko

(New Zealand) - Violin

Margarita Balanas.jpg

Margarita Balanas

(Latvia) - Violoncello

Marvic Monreal.jpg

Marvic Monreal

(Malta) - Mezzo Soprano

James Way.jpg

James Way

(UK) - Tenor

Sirius Kei Lok Chau.jpg

Sirius Kei Lok Chau

(Hong Kong) - Flute

Alexandra Vaduva.jpg

Alexandra Vaduva

(Romania) - Piano

Laia Braun.jpg

Laia Braun

(Switzerland) - Violin

Mathilde Milwidsky.jpg

Mathilde Milwidsky

(UK) - Violin


Penka Petkova

(Bulgaria) - Violoncello

Frederick De Tommaso.jpg

Frederick De Tommaso

(UK) - Tenor

Rosanna Rolton.jpg

Rosanna Rolton

(UK) - Harp


Yuanfan Yang

(UK) - Piano


Nicolas Dupont

(Belgium) - Violin

Elizaveta Saul.jpg

Elizaveta Saul

(Belarus) - Violin

Corinne Cowling.jpg

Corinne Cowling

(Australia) - Soprano


Dominic Sedgwick

(UK) - Baritone

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