boy-playing-cello-with-teacherThe DCT was launched in September 2015 and aims to financially support and artistically nurture exceptionally talented classical musicians whose financial situations pose restrictions upon their studies and career.

Our first auditions took place in the autumn of 2015 following a rigorous review process of over 200 applications submitted by students of the London music colleges. The high level of musicianship, technical command and professional commitment of the auditionees was truly gratifying to witness. In line with the ethos and mission of the Trust, we awarded scholarships to those musicians who we felt were the most exceptional and distinctive in terms of their performance, musical personality and artistic standing and potential. We are proud for our select group of musicians for 2015-16, a group that is defined by musical integrity and a common pursuit for the realization of the highest artistic values.

Our second auditions took place in the summer of 2016, following an even greater number of applications. As such, we are proud to have awarded a higher number of scholarships for our 2016-17 cohort.