“I could not be more thrilled with the outcome of our very first auditions in October and November 2015. Following a critical review process of no fewer than 220 applications submitted by students of the London music colleges, the panel auditioned and interviewed 49 applicants. The high level of musicianship, instrumental/vocal command, artistic delivery of performance and professional commitment of the auditionees was truly gratifying to witness. In line with the ethos and mission of the Trust, we had to award scholarships to those musicians who we felt were the most exceptional in terms of their performance, musical personality and artistic standing and potential. As a result, it is with pride that I announce the sixteen Drake Calleja Trust Scholars 2015-16. I am delighted with this group of musicians, a group which is characterised by musical integrity, a superb variety of artistic personalities and a common pursuit for the realisation of the highest artistic values.”.

Vicky Yannoula, Head of Scholarships & Artistic Planning